Details of Himedia Q5 quad core Android TV box collected from daily customer questions.

1 Himedia Q5 quad core supports xbmc (xbmc 14 beta), also support xbmc's subtitles download plug-in.
2 Both System player and xbmc play, Himedia Q5 support 1080p point to point output.
3 The system UI of Himedia Q5 is 1080p: you can check it in System Settings - display - interface size.
4 the remaining memory after boot is 1.3GB, booting occupy 678MB.
5 Himedia Q5 its own player can download subtitles: Enter the media center, play local video or LAN video, press the Menu button on the remote control and will appear "Web search subtitles".
6 Himedia Q5 can play some 4K 60fps video, normally 4K 30fps; highest 4k output is 2160p 30hz.
7 Himedia Q5 can normally play 307G 4K video Timescapes.
8 Himedia Q5 supports DTS, Dolby
9 Himedia Q5 supports blu-ray ISO, 3D MVC.
10 the System can not change UI, but you can install Launcher to change.
11 PC to access Himedia Q5: System Settings - Samba share service, then you can see ANDROID_**** on PC.
12 Himedia Q5 to access PC Share through Network Neighborhood: PC: Senior sharing; Himedia Q5: Network Neighborhood - Auto search.
13 You can install APK to Himedia Q5 from your SD card.
14 Himedia Q5 LCD screen can show time, but not play time.
15 0626 OS version supports Web search subtitles function, 0711 OS version cancelled this function.
16 Himedia Q5 Network Neighborhood can access to Xiaomi Router Share
17 Himedia Q5 do not pre-installed Google Play.
18 Himedia Q5 play dts video can directly decode audio and output to TV.
19 Himedia Q5 supports AirPlay and DLNA, do not support miracast.
20 Himedia Q5 support 10bit video, but not always well.
21 Himedia Q5 can not play External subtitles video via upnp (dlna).
22 Himedia Q5 own player play video will be slower than using xbmc.
23 Himedia Q5 USB3.0 interface supports 2T mobile HDD.