Himedia Q5 Quad Core HMD-1.0.3 2014-08-30.193144 Firmware ROM

Model number: Himedia Q5 Quad Core
Version number: HMD-1.0.3 2014-08-30.193144

Change log:
1. improve the channel change speed in live broadcast
2. Solve the problem of can't keep the new switched resolution
3. Solve the problem of can't get IP address occasionally
4. Solve the fuzzy cursor problem under mouse model
5. Solve the problem of couldn't get the data of weather when switch a city
6. Solve "MG start stop running" or "MG starter no response" problem
7. Optimize the play records, search and message's processing logic and process
8. Updated the Nibiru game

Upgrade notice:
1. If the version number is: HMD-1.0.0 2014-06-27.212330 , please use the transitional version:
Change log: http://www.iandroidtvbox.com/blog/himedia-q5-quad-core-2014-07-11-firmware/
download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pJobW2v
password: rel6
2. If the version number is not: HMD-1.0.0 2014-06-27.212330, please use this version:
download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3LzftN
password: 1f87

Upgrade method:
1. Settings page upgrade; U disk upgrades
2. Install "restore" button, force upgrade