MINIX first generation flagship - MINIX NEO X5 has new firmware updated. We know, MINIX has the hot new product NEO X8 and NEO X8-H in the market this year. And meanwhile, its new released MINIX NEO X6 and NEO X64 will also be listed to the market in the near future. But, it still adhere to update the firmware of the old products. So, people who buy MINIX products needn’t worry about the problem of firmware update.

MINIX NEO X5 20140306 (version 006) 4.2.2 firmware
Release Date: 2014-03-06
Change log:
1.) Fixed rebooting bug when choosing the power off option;
2.) Battery level modified to 100%;
3.) Fixed IR remote wake-up bug;
4.) New boot screen;
5.) Preloaded XBMC for MINIX edition, Skype and CloudTV;
6.) Added screensaver feature;
7.) Optimized webcam picture taking performance;
8.) New set of NEO A2 airmouse logic, new key mappings for bottom row of keys;
9.) Increased DDR performance;
10.) Default screen scale modified to 100%;
11.) System bar is hidden by default (call out either by dragging up with a mouse,or long pressing the menu key of the remote)

This is the latest version of NEO X5 4.2.2 firmware(from

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1080fb image (.img only):
Flash tool:
The new auto-driver installation tool is included in this package to simplify the driver installation processes.