This is the latest firmware for MINIX NEO X8/X8-H Android TV box:

MINIX NEO X8/X8-H 20140809 (002 beta 8) 4.4.2 firmware
Release Date: 2014-08-09

Official download Link:
From the new MINIX download center; ( Trial/beta )
MD5 checksum: FA5D91BE904EEB1B3B5A2987DEFDA027

 Change log ( over beta 7 ):
1.) Extra permissions granted to XBMC;
2.) Preloaded latest V13.3.0 MINIX XBMC;
3.) HDMI-CEC fixes (device wakeup from TV's menu is not available yet, will be updated on final 002);
4.) Firmware based on release-keys;
5.) HDMI output status spoofing;
6.) CPU governor changed to Interactive mode;
7.) Windows animation deactivated;
8.) Added key layout profiles of Mele F10/F10 PRO airmouses; (CREDIT TO HARDWAREGURU FOR PROVIDING US THE KL FILES)

MINIX NEO X8/X8-H 20140618 (002 beta 2) 4.4.2 firmware
Release Date: 2014-06-18

Download link:
MD5 checksum: b432e2534c6c03c02e94d373069fe844

 1.) Native Android virtual keyboard bug fix;
2.) Fixed Aututu auto exit issue;
3.) Fixed XBMC displaying with 1/4 screen size while playing 4K videos;
4.) Ethernet MAC address information added;
5.) Preloaded CloudTV app.;
6.) Improved SONY 4K TV HDMI compatibility;
7.) DVI-type signal output enabled for older TVs and monitors;
8.) Added NEO A2 gyromouse key layout profile;
9.) MINIX edition XBMC updated to version 13.1, support real 4K video output;
10.) Preloaded Sopcast app;
10.) Bug fixes of MINIX Metro launcher, weather info. service is now unlimited;
11.) Various bug fixes of user interface;
12.) Deep sleep mode enabled, system idle power down to 0.25W;
13.) Added [email protected] mode; (Amlogic still haven't perfect it, treat it as experimental at the moment please)
14.) Full screen app. running enabled